Posted: Jan 28 2014
by: Andrew Rafter

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Sonos Joins Forces With Qobuz For High Quality Streaming

Qobuz is the world’s first service to offer music lovers uncompressed streaming music at the same quality as the physical standard of the past 30 years, the CD.

Sonos customers using Qobuz HI-FI will enjoy exactly that same quality as on its physical format counterpart. The same uncompressed audio quality, enhanced information about artists and albums, as well as Qobuz’s editorial team selections.

And because of Sonos’ unique wireless HiFi system, customers can stream music in multiple rooms simultaneously or independently, all controlled by your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet as well as Mac and PC.

Qobuz claims to be the first and only service to offer high-quality music from all labels, major and independent. That means unlimited subscriptions offering FLAC 16-bit/ 44.1kHz "True CD Quality" audio, individual downloads of more than 17 million tracks at 16-bit/ 44.1kHz, or individual downloads of a selection of "Qobuz Studio Masters" at 24-bit/ 192kHz.

The collaboration will come to eight new European countries, covering nine in total: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria.

New for 2014, Qobuz will allow users to create and edit playlists directly within the Sonos controller. New Sonos customers can get a three month Qobuz subscription in "True CD Quality" FLAC 16-bit/ 44.1kHz (worth €60). This offers ends on 5 March.