Posted: Jul 26 2014
by: Andrew Rafter

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Garvan Updates Its Flat Subwoofer Product Line

Garvan has modernised one of its most successful product lines - flat subwoofers. These are versatile products that potentially suit a large variety of needs, being equipped for wall installation (sitting tight to or hanging from the wall) or ground installation.

The new line called WAE121/WAE 221 consists of two types of flat subwoofers:

  • one made of satin stainless steel

  • one made of paintable steel (thanks to a grip treatment they can be painted in any color).

Compared to the previous line, WAE121/WAE221 features a cover completely made of steel, while the previous one was made of wood. This improves the product in terms of aesthetics and technical characteristics, while keeping the sound quality unchanged:

  • Modernized and innovative design

  • Improved resistance

  • Compact size

  • Reduced thickness of the material