Posted: Dec 04 2014
by: Andrew Rafter

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Jamo Expands Sub Woofer Range With Four New Models

Loudspeaker specialists Jamo have announced four new subwoofer models (J 10 SUB, J 12 SUB, J 110 SUB, and J 112 SUB).

The speaker brand's latest subwoofers offer stylish, versatile aesthetics in conjunction with the latest audio innovations.

"The new line of Jamo subwoofers serve as a rejuvenation of the brand through the balanced combination of an all-new contemporary design paired with a complete overhaul in performance," said Mark Casavant, senior vice president of global product development for Klipsch Group.

"In order to have a cohesive subwoofer family that could supplement both the high volume, high value Jamo Studio line and the higher performance, premium Jamo Concert line, we've established two levels of core subwoofers."

All four products feature modern materials and core technologies to create unforgettable home theatre and music listening experiences. High-gloss polymer veneer or wood grain vinyl finishes, and contemporary aesthetics allow the subwoofers to blend seamlessly into home dÉcor. Removable cloth grilles add a rich, defined look that is acoustically transparent.

Each subwoofer's all-digital amplifier delivers clean, high-efficient power and accuracy in reproduction. Included line level and LFE RCA inputs ensure compatibility with old and new receivers. Additionally, a low-pass crossover and phase control helps listeners blend each subwoofer's low-frequency tones with other Jamo speakers and establish the ideal level of bass. 

J 10 SUB and J 12 SUB

The J 10 SUB and J 12 SUB subwoofers feature front firing aluminized polyfiber woofers, providing exceptional low frequency response with minimal distortion. Their MDF cabinet is finished in a sleek wood grain vinyl to match the highly acclaimed Jamo Studio speaker line. 

J 110 SUB and J 112 SUB

The J 110 SUB and J 112 SUB subwoofers are designed as an ideal counterpart for the renowned Jamo Concert line, as well as other high-performance loudspeaker systems. Their Injected Molded Graphite woofers with Hard Conical Cone technology creates clear, detailed sound with very little distortion. Both models are compatible with the WA-2 wireless subwoofer kit, allowing for a completely wireless connection of one or multiple subwoofers for easy placement anywhere in the room. 

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