Posted: Jan 22 2015
by: Andrew Rafter

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Introducing Architettura Sonora - The perfection of Sound

Architettura Sonora revolves around a creative team of acousticians, engineers, architects and landscape designers sharing the enthusiasm to radically redesign the experience of space and landscape through a meaningful and more emotionally charged sound diffusion.

Architettura Sonora was founded in 2009 on tradition, dedication and innovation as a division of the B&C Speakers Group, recognised as one of the global leaders in the professional audio market.

Influenced by the beauty of the Tuscan landscape where stone, earth, nature, architecture and people all somehow flow together, the multidisciplinary Architettura Sonora team could shape technology into seductive and beautiful forms, characterised by wonderful tactile qualities rarely associated with speaker design.

The orchestration of the different sound modules of the Architettura Sonora collection, various in terms of shapes, directionality and materials, recreate a natural pattern of sound enveloping the listener in a pure sensorial and immersive delight. 

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