Posted: Jan 22 2015
by: Andrew Rafter

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Behind The Scenes of Garvan Acoustic's SNW513 Flat-speaker

Garvan SNW513 belongs to the range of flat speakers and is designed for both wall and ceiling installation.

Thanks to its 300 W RMS power and to its 600 W maximum power, it is the ideal solution for high performance home theater systems.

Its special packaging is made of wood and is suitable for the completely safe transport of big speakers (size of the installed speaker HxWxD in cm: 80.5 x 19.5 x 10.0).

The loudspeakers used for this series are the same used for the in-wall speaker series for brick/concrete walls, except for SIM210 (only available in this series), which is only 39 mm deep and delivers high quality sound while having a low aesthetic impact.

A fixative coating is applied to the standard, white cabinets of the series, so that they can be painted together with the walls. Cabinets made of polished, satin or lacquered stainless steel and every kind of lacquered, stainless steel or customised front covers are available upon request.

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