Posted: Apr 30 2015
by: Andrew Rafter

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Anthony Gallo's A'diva Ti 5.1 with TR-1D Subwoofer Is A New Benchmark For Style And Sophistication

Following the success of the landmark Reference 3, Anthony Gallo re-visited the classic A'Diva design with the goal of re-engineering its performance to approach that of the flagship loudspeaker. The outcome is the new A'Diva Ti.

Designed for the music and movie lover who wants the ultimate in ultra-compact speaker performance, the A'Diva Ti is an even better-sounding version of the original A'Diva, featuring an all-new Titanium driver. This driver is exceptionally strong but has a low mass, giving the most demanding of listeners the best of all worlds – a highly sensitive, extremely robust and wonderfully pure sounding driver.

Like the original A'Diva, the A'Diva Ti has the ability to go low enough to be used without a dedicated subwoofer, and can be used in a range of configurations depending on the design of your room. For sound enthusiasts without the space or the inclination to house a much larger design, there really is no better sounding speaker.

The key to the performance of the Micro Ti and A'Diva Ti is our all-new full-range 3" Titanium Driver. The driver itself is made up of three key elements. First of all there's the Titanium cone that is exceptionally rigid, but has a relatively low mass – a combination that is key to loudspeaker sensitivity. It's also 75% stronger than the one found in the original Micro and A'Diva and offers increased treble extension and power handling.

The cone itself is dampened with paper, the fibres of which smoothen response and provide a natural sound quality and ensure that no spurious resonances are present.

Finally, the driver features a larger 1-inch voice coil, powered by an extremely efficient, oversized Neodymium magnet, the combination of which significantly reduces distortion and increases dynamic range.