Posted: Jul 07 2015
by: Andrew Rafter

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Sonos Hopes To Bring Apple Music Support By End Of The Year

Sonos has confirmed that it aims to bring Apple Music support to it's family of multi-room speakers "by the end of year".

Sonos provides users with wireless speakers and an app whereby users can play a number of different music streaming services to multiple rooms.

The downside is it takes new software as new services come online, unfortunately Apple Music isn't support by the service yet, but it's good to see Sonos announcing that they're working on it already.

“We are big fans of Apple, so we would of course embrace them any time they want to come into the home, but I think that will be the next priority for them,” Sonos CEO said.

“You have to earn Apple’s cooperation, they don’t just give it to you for free, but if there’s a delightful user experience and it makes a lot of sense, I think they do it, and there’s lots of examples of that. I think if it’s less than that, then they don’t.”