Posted: Jul 28 2015
by: Andrew Rafter

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Dali Announces OPTICON Speaker Range

With no less than seven members, the DALI OPTICON family has a speaker for every room, need and occasion.

The new range builds on the DALI heritage. It incorporates the DALI sound principles - giving the listener a clear, undistorted and coherent sound reproduction, perfectly suited for the optimum musical and home cinema experience.

The high-performance OPTICON series is developed based on the technological know-how, we have acquired through our years of research and experience when developing the EPICON and RUBICON series. 

Designed, produced and assembled in Denmark, the DALI OPTICON range is true to everything 'DALI'. With the OPTICON series Dali believes they have created a speaker series that stands out from the rest.

Coming August 6.

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