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Elipson Planet LW

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  • Planet LW (Pair)

    The Planet LW will revolutionize your way of listening to music with a wireless connection between the speakers and your iPod/iPhone/iPad or your PC/Apple computer. You’ll no longer need an amplifier, a CD player, a DAC or other unsightly black boxes. In each speaker, active crossover with two 50W ICEPower® amplifiers by Bang & Olufsen connected directly to the tweeter and woofer propel the Planet LW speakers toward new heights of audio fidelity. Using the included remote control , you’ll control volume, play, pause, and track selection. iPod, iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

  • Item Value
    SYSTEM : 2 ways
    FREQUENCY RANGE (+/- 3DB): 42 - 20000 Hz
    MAX MUSIC POWER: 100 Watts
    VOLTAGE: 220-240VAC Watts
    TERMINAL TYPE: Single wiring
    TERMINAL FINISH: Silver plated
    ENCLOSURE: Bass Reflex, Magnetic Shield, Remote
    WITH GRILL AND TERMINAL (W X H X D): 11.4 x 11.4 x 11.4" / 290 x 290 x 290 mm
    Warranty : 2 years
  • There's docks, there's high-end docks and then there's the Elipson Planet LW wireless amplified speakers, and it's probably important from the start to define exactly what these things are. All the audio played through these weighty creations is done so without any physical connection...

    Once plugged into an iPhone, iPod, iPad, PC or Mac, they automatically set up their own dedicated network between the speakers and your device from which they can stream - uncompressed - whatever audio you'd care to play; be that music, the sound from a film or even the other end of a phone call...

    What's most impressive about these speakers over the likes of the Sonos set up or the Philips Fidelio streamers is that they just work. There's no configuration, no pairing, no calibration or even any kind of special app involved. You plug in the dongle, hit play and that's it; cue one sound-filled room...
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    Rating: Excellent 5/6
    As a technical achievement, the Planet LW is a class act. The striking looks, excellent performance and very solid build of the “ordinary” Planet L has been seamlessly merged with amplification and control to create an outstanding pair of active speakers. Sonically, the way that they take the strengths of the passive Planet L and add pin sharp timing, exceptional detail retrieval and excellent bass extension means they are a very special pair of speakers. They are simplicity itself to use and further proof that simply because something looks like a “lifestyle” product doesn’t mean that they have to perform in anything other than a truly “hi-fi” way.
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