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Product details

  • Minimal size.
    Maximum sound.

    You won’t believe your eyes and ears – as Loewe SoundVision sets new standards for stand-alone audio systems. Housed in an elegant aluminium case, six speakers, including two subwoofers, guarantee uniquely authentic sound with genuine power – all paired with a revolutionary touch display. Experience Loewe SoundVision – and the magic of pop’s shooting star, Misty Miller. Equipped with her ukulele, the 17 year old’s winsome presence inspires emotion of the highest order.

    Minimal effort.
    Maximum networking.

    Play audio from any source – without any installation hassle. Loewe SoundVision makes networking easier than any other stand-alone audio system – and opens up more options too. The hidden dock is compatible with iPod or iPhone, CDs disappear elegantly into the drive, and WLAN and UPnP ensure the perfect network connection. Connect to MP3 players via USB or to Android smartphones via Bluetooth – or leave behind the daily grind with wireless headphones... one thing will always hold true: the authenticity of the sound. As if, equipped with her ukulele, Misty Miller were giving a concert in your living room.

    Minimal contact.
    Maximum emotion.

    Reach out and touch. A single tap is all it takes: with Loewe SoundVision the joy of operation never ceases. The revolutionary 7.5 inch touch screen displays what you are listening to, in brilliant definition. The Loewe Music ID function recognises songs and displays the name and artwork on the screen – even with music on the FM radio. Compile your favourites intuitively. A finger stroke is all it takes to enable the integrated Aupeo! software to make suggestions of new titles and artists. And when you are using the Loewe Assist remote control the display is automatically enlarged. Allowing the charm of the sound to unfold visually too – yet another thing that Loewe SoundVision and Misty Miller have in common.

    Minimalist design.
    Maximum personality.

    “Singing alone, is not enough”, even at the tender age of 17, this much shooting star Misty Miller knows – “presence and personality are just as important”. And that which applies for the stage, now does so for the home too. After all, Loewe SoundVision not only provides unparalleled sound quality and a revolutionary operating concept but also high-quality minimalist design that can be adapted to individual style. The two large lateral insets and the polished aluminium make a perfectly harmonious pairing – the former being available in countless colours and materials, guaranteeing there is at least one to suit any mood, interior design or, indeed, favourite song.

    Main Voltage:

    230 V – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Power Consumption: 13 W, < 0,5 W (standby)


    Playable Audio Format:

    CD-DA, FLAC (losless Audio), WMA, MP3,

    Digital Audio Processing:

    192 kHz, 16 bit


    iPod / iPhone Dock•USB (2.0)• (2x)LAN / WLAN• / •Audio analogue L/R In / Out• / •Headphones / FM antenna• / •Link (for Loewe Subwoofer)•¹
    Recommended Ambient Temperature: +5° bis +40°

    Signal to Noise Ratio:

    min. 100dB

    Channel separation(1 kHz):

    min. 75 dB

    Disk Formats:

    audio CD, CD-R/RW, CD+/-RW

    Weight (net) kg:

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