Design & Consultancy


Great sound comes with the right System, Setup, and Space. 



The Right System

Here at Surround Speaker Boutique we have a wide range of speaker technologies, from conventional speakers that fire directly forward, to speakers that disperse sound in all directions. Some speakers are passively amplified and some are not only active but also have onboard equalisation to overcome awkward room acoustics. These are just some of the technologies and characteristics of our broad range of speakers and they have all been designed for specific purposes. So whatever your environment or application, the Surround Speaker Boutique will guide you towards your perfect speaker.

The Right Space

Room acoustics are a large part of the equation in the pursuit of great sound. Room size, shape, and proportions, as well as wall angles, flooring, windows, and doors will all dramatically change the way sound is perceived within the room. Large spaces such as halls, theatres, houses of worship and other public spaces are particularly complex for creating great sound. The Surround Speaker Boutique can overcome these challenges by creating computer acoustic models that take the guess work out of designing the precise system, number of speakers, positioning, and any room acoustic treatment needed.

The Right Setup

To fill your room with sumptuous, even sound, your carefully selected speakers need to be positioned and installed correctly. Our design service will ensure you get the best sound, from your speakers, in your specific room. This advice can be provided in an informal way or if necessary we can mark up floorplans for larger or more complex projects. And, if you need some help with installation, why not try our Professional Installation Service.

Our Service

Our Design Service can be as simple as free advice on a home stereo system, all the way to a full consultancy service with site surveys, acoustic modelling, and CAD mark up. Whatever help you need to get the right system, the Surround Speaker Boutique is all about helping you find it, position it, install it and enjoy it.



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