Professional Speaker Installation


Want the Installed Finish but don't fancy the DIY?

Many of our speakers are ready-to-go straight out of the box, whilst some are intended to be integrated into the architecture and become a seamless part of the rooms interior. Whether the installation is into, or onto, or behind walls or ceilings, all our speakers come with clear and diagrammatic instructions to make fitting them as easy as possible. If you would rather leave this to a professional, our installation service provides a fuss-free and neat finish for your new speakers.

What to expect from our Speaker Installation Service:

-Experienced technicians with the correct tools and protective coverings to care for your home during the installation
-Advice on optimum acoustic placement
-Precise time and date of installation
-A fixed price quote for your particular needs
-Disposal of packaging
-System testing and calibration


Contact us today to book in your Professional Speaker Installation.