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Audio Pro Addon Sub

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Product details

  • Stylish and discreet subwoofer that delivers powerful deep bass out of the ordinary

    Bass - the heart of music and film

    Addon Sub adds a deep and powerful bass to all music and movies. The physical experience of feeling sound with the body, not just hearing, gives an added dimension to your listening experience. This is one hard-working subwoofer that whether you are watching movies or listening to music gives you that dimension. A downfiring long-throw 8" woofer and built-in 150W Class D amplifier with DSP that together deliver a fundamental bass.

    Suits all active speakers and stereo / receiver

    Although Addon Sub fits perfectly to our Addon speakers, you can connect it to any device that has a sub output. Connect easily to active speakers, stereo or home theater receiver. Addon Sub has no limitations. We have also deliberately designed the Addon Sub to be discreet and blend into most homes. With the rear controls, it's easy to adapt the bass sound to suit your room perfectly, making placement a breeze.

    Bass Control

    Addon Sub has many possibilities to adjust the bass sound perfect for your room.


    Easily connect Addon Sub with RCA line-in or LFE. When you connect to the LFE so you can manage the crossover frequency from your home theater reciever instead of on Addon Sub.

    Heritage of Bass

    Powered subwoofers have long been one of the cornerstones of the Audio Pro sound. Audio Pro started in 1978 with a powered subwoofer. Addon Sub manages this heritage with a deep and clean bass response.

  • Type Powered bassreflex subwoofer with D
    Amplifier: 150W digital Class D
    Woofer: 8” longthrow
    Frequency Range: 35 – 130Hz
    Phase: 0-180 degrees
    Variable crossover frequency: 50 – 130Hz
    Inputs: LFE and R
    Dimension WXHxD: 275x295x295mm

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