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  • DeToma inVisio 340 Active

    DeToma Soundboards – the invisible. The DeToma soundboards inVisio 340 active and inVisio 380 active turn walls, ceilings, furniture, mirrors and other materials into a sonic source. The soundboards will therefore be glued at the backside of a plasterboard or front panel of a furniture. The soundboards become invisibly hidden behind these materials. This way the surface of the wall stays untouched and can easily be plastered over or painted. Using the DeToma AmpTool software all filters and audio parameters are adjustable to the special individual mounting situation.

    Download the Detoma product info sheet for more details 

  • Model: inVisio 340 active inVisio 380 active
    Type invisible speaker Soundboard to attach on other materials invisible speaker Soundboard to attach on other materials
    Power 35 Watt RMS 70 Watt RMS
    Frequency range 100 –18.000 Hz 100 –18.000 Hz
    Exterior dimensions 300 × 280 mm 300 × 560 mm/td>
    Fitting depth 35 mm 35 mm
    Notes Moisture proof Moisture proof
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