• Garvan Acoustics Flat Interior
  • Garvan Acoustics Flat Interior

Garvan Acoustics Flat Interior


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  • SNW210
  • SNW112
  • SNW12S
  • SNW213
  • SNW316
  • SNW313
  • SNW513
  • Matt White
  • RAL Colour
  • Satin Stainless Steel

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Product details

  • Flat Interior SNW series  

    As a result of meticulous research and accurate tests on recessed in-wall speakers, Garvan has introduced an innovative, performing series of recessed loudspeakers mounted flush in brick/concrete walls. The loudspeaker’s box is made of marine wood, which offers high rigidity and ensures that concrete grips perfectly without generating bulges. Almost all the boxes are 76 mm deep (starting from the edge of the wall) and are meant to be also installed in 8 cm hollow bricks, without having to break the last slab. Garvan created ad hoc loudspeakers that are especially suitable to deliver high quality sound in small places, some of them are also used for the flat speakers on wall series, and have very different needs and features in comparison to the plasterboard series. The speaker front covers are the same as in the plasterboard wall series and in the flat speakers series. They are held in place by powerful neodymium magnets that enable the to fit perfectly into the wall without sticking out. Thanks to its efficient speaker cover fixing system and to its wide range of customisation opportunities, Garvan develops ad hoc solutions to meet every kind of need.

  • Item Value

    2 way (SNW210)


    2 way coax (SNW112)

    Stereo coax (SNW12S)

    2 way (SNW213)

    2 way passive radiator (SNW316)

    D’Appolito configuration (SNW313)


    Neodymium Tw and Wf

    Power RMS (W) 25 (SNW210)

    60 (SNW112)

    35+35 (SNW12S)

    75 (SNW213)

    75 (SNW316)

    150 (SNW313)
    Max Power (W) 50 (SNW210)

    120 (SNW112)

    70+70 (SNW12S)

    150 (SNW213)

    150 (SNW316)

    300 (SNW313)
    Frequency response (Hz) 98-20k (SNW210)

    83-20k (SNW112)

    83-20k (SNW12S)

    78-20k (SNW213) 

    62-20k (SNW316)

    78-20k (SNW313)
    Sensitivity dB 1W/1M 89 (SNW210)
    89 (SNW112)

    89 (SNW12S)

    89 (SNW213)

    91 (SNW316)

    92 (SNW313)
    Subwoofer Ø (cm) 10.0 (SNW210)

    13.0 (SNW112)

    13.0 (SNW12S)

    13.0 (SNW213)

    1 x 16.0 (SNW316)

    2 x 16.0 (SNW313)
    Dimensions H x W x D (cm)

    19,0 x 19,0 x 3,3 (SNW210)

    19,0 x 19,0 x 5,8 (SNW112)

    19,0 x 19,0 x 6,3 (SNW12S)

    28,0 x 19,0 x 6,0 (SNW213)

    44,0 x 19,0 x 5,8 (SNW316)

    44,0 x 19,0 x 6,0 (SNW313)

    Weight (Kg) 0.76 (SNW210)

    1.8 (SNW112)

    2.0 (SNW12S)

    3 (SNW213)

    3.02 (SNW316)

    4.1 (SNW313)

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