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  • Dali Kubik Free
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Dali Kubik Free


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    The essence of the DALI KUBIK FREE is connectivity. This elegantly designed active speaker enables you to enjoy music from a wide variety of sources and can be connected via Bluetooth, USB, Optical or Analog inputs.

    Bluetooth and Optical input is just two of the seven possible connection types that the KUBIK system offers. The broad range of connectors ensure that any device will connect to the KUBIK system at the best possible quality. To improve ease of use even more, the KUBIK system offers IR learning that enables the use of an existing remote control to navigate the KUBIK system.

    The DALI DNA
    By working with many of DALI’s well-known speaker technologies like the soft dome tweeter, wood fibre cones, low-loss rubber surrounds and a glass reinforced polymer basket, the KUBIK system is clearly a true DALI speaker at its core. Adding a 4 channel stereo Class D amplifier into the mix only underlines the development team’s dedication to making the KUBIK system a real Hi-Fi speaker.

    The KUBIK system consists of two elements the KUBIK FREE and the KUBIK XTRA. The two components can be setup in three different ways. Using the KUBIK FREE alone as a standalone system, using the KUBIK FREE and the KUBIK XTRA together in a stereo system or using the KUBIK FREE and KUBIK XTRA together in a two room standalone system.

    Build quality
    The main housing is based on one piece of extruded aluminium. This serves to strengthen the entire product giving it a solid feel and ensures that all components can be fitted tightly onto the structure eliminating vibrations. The back plate also acts as heat transfer for the amplifier
    and power supply. The top of the KUBIK is crafted from the same aluminium and reveals the solid build of the KUBIK FREE.

    The 100 Watts Class D amplifier is a true active solution offering a fully digital crossover, direct handling of digital sources, and a high quality AD converter. The four channel stereo amplifier (4 x 25 Watts) controls the audio signal to the woofer and the tweeter module individually.

    This is a major part of the high quality performance of the KUBIK system since it makes it possible to control and optimize the audio stream perfectly for the drivers used in the KUBIK system. Having that level of control lets the acoustic engineers transform every bit of information into driver movement. This truly is a combination where two plus two equals 5.

  • Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 48 - 22,000
    Maximum SPL [dB] 103
    Crossover Frequency [Hz] 3000
    High Frequency Driver 1 x 25 mm Soft Textile Dome
    Low Frequency Driver 1 x 5,25" Wood Fibre Cone
    Enclosure Type Closed Box
    Continous IEC Power Output [RMS watt] 4 x 25
    Connection input(s) 3.5mm mini jack
    RCA (Phono)
    Optical (Toslink)
    USB (Micro)
    Connection output(s) KUBIK XTRA out
    SUB out
    Magnetic Shielding No
    Recommended Placement On-Wall
    Maximum Power Consumption [W] 150
    Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm]

    305 x 145 x 145

    Weight [kg]


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