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  • Loewe Airspeaker

    There’s music in the air: and it can be heard throughout the flat or house, as you wish. The Loewe AirSpeaker was specially developed for Apple AirPlay technology which, through this elegant and innovative speaker, can take
    advantage of every feature.

    Any device with Apple AirPlay functionality recognises all Loewe AirSpeakers nearby – your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or even a computer
    with iTunes software – via WLAN or LAN network. A single tap or click is all it takes. Within the Apple menu, simply select which Loewe AirSpeaker you want, and hear music, radio, audio books, podcasts or film audio – be it in the living room, kitchen, bedroom…or throughout the house*. This diminutive box will show you what it’s got.
    *Simultaneous operation of several AirSpeakers only possible in combination with computer and iTunes software.

    No iPhone or iPad has ever sounded like this before. Two subwoofers, two tweeters/mid-range speakers and a total of 80 watts – integrated as standard. No other comparable speaker can currently offer this level of audio quality. The Loewe AirSpeaker transforms each and every sound – which you ordinarily listen to through headphones – into an experience that fills the room.  Could be the soundtrack to your next party. And with the number of iPhone and iPad apps configured to AirPlay continually rising,  the enjoyment that the Loewe AirSpeaker affords is set to increase too.


    Lend each room its own personal tone. The Loewe AirSpeaker can be outfitted with inlays of various materials and countless colours, as desired. The aluminium housing and the high-quality overall finish are, of course, the same for each and every Loewe AirSpeaker.



    2-way bass reflex, active
    Nominal / music power (sine): 4 x 20 W


    Frequency range:

    45 Hz – 20 kHz; ± 3 dB

    Power supply unit:

    100 V – 240 V AC

    Power consumption (nominal):

    19 W

    Power consumption (network stand-by): 4 W

    Power consumption (stand-by)

    < 5 W


    Base: Black, Silver  Top: Brushed SIlver, Gloss paint


    • Power amps: Total output - 80 W
    • 4 digital amplifiers (Class D) for analogueport connection or digital signal processing(iPhone, iPod, iPad)
    • Ports (analogue): 3.5 mm stereo jack
    • Ports (digital): USB1 (for iPod, iPhone, iPad only)
    • Network access: LAN (RJ45), WLAN (802.11 b.g)
    • Protocols: Apple AirPlay
    • Stand-by switch
    • Acoustic pressure (average): 90 dB/0,5 m
    • Speaker complement: 2 x 100mm cone speakers, 2 x 18mm tweeters


    6 kg
  • Stylish, subtle and great-sounding: at £500 the AirSpeaker is a serious must-buy...the Loewe sounds tight, detailed and has the kind of tonal balance and control that makes the Zepplin Air sound a tad tubby in the bass. It’s got a great way with vocals, too, ensuring that they emerge clearly. 5 Stars
    What HiFi / Read Full Review

    It’s hard to find a true weak spot in the Loewe Air Speaker, which tackles music with aplomb and – as long as you’re happy to use iOS devices and iTunes – works with a simplicity that’s totally addictive...the AirSpeaker is the best small AirPlay dock we’ve encountered thus far.
    T3 / Read Full Review

    It ticks pretty much every box on the "what makes a good AirPlay speaker" list: it’s compact, well made and looks fantastic; it’s simple to use once set up; and on the sound front it performs very capably indeed.
    Pocket-Lint / Read Full Review

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