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  • Ingo

    The Ingo is an impressive dish that will be the new centrepiece of your sound system. With its bold shape and strong visual impact this speaker makes an immediate statement of quality design. It is a Francesco Pellisari acoustic construction so you are assured of a superior stereo sound quality. This is derived from the front facing driver and tweeter set-up which is uniquely enhanced by a rear-facing woofer. The ceramic itself is hand-made porcelain, heavy and rigid enough to produce a clean natural sound but with no signs of resonance. Whether it sits on a table or mounted on a wall, it will provide many years of visual and acoustic pleasure.

    We picture here the amazing platinum finish, which positively gleams. It is also available in the full range of NACSound’s ceramic finishes. What is more, this is a pure Italian product. The ceramics are made in the Umbrian foothills and finished in Tuscany; the drivers and electronics
    are NACSound designed and are all sourced and fitted in Italy.

    Not sure if NACSound is right for you? Wondering which model to get? Can't find the model / finish you are looking for?

    The Surround Speakers Boutique is an authorised NACSound dealer with access to their entire product range. We work directly with NACSound to ensure you get the best system for you.

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    to discuss your requirements.

  • Item Value
    Design: F. Pellisari
    Impedance: 8  ohm - Re 6.7 ohm
    Power: 70 + 70 W r.m.s
    Efficiency: 86 dB
    Weight: 18.8 kg
    Dimension H 21cm. diam. 58cm

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