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NACSound Kayak


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  • Kayak

    Kayak is the latest addition to the NAC Sound range. It builds on the technologic research started with Freewheeler, designed with Ron Arad, which introduced for the first time the concept of a single body with stereophonic emission. Kayak is designed to be suspended horizontally between two opposing walls or pillars, or vertically between floor and ceiling. With its output of 60W, it is ideal for use in homes or anywhere with insufficient space for the speakers to be mounted from the ceiling.

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  • 2 woofers:

    2 x 20 W amplifier
    Impedance: 8 ohm

    Audio power in watts:

    60 + 60 R.M.S


    86 dB



    Design: D. Pinacci F Pellisarri

    Height (cm):


    Weight (net) kg:

  • August 25, 2008 Sonance will introduce a striking new loudspeaker at the 2008 CEDIA Expo in Denver, next month. The NACSound unprecedented stereo effect in either orientation. The unique design features dual coaxial driver arrays housed in opposed cone enclosures that fire into a central computer-derived acoustic reflector meticulously formed to deliver stereo imaging from a single unit for Sonance Kayak is a single-source stereo speaker able to reproduce natural stereo sound from a single visually striking component. The Kayak can be suspended vertically or horizontally, and utilizes elements of both omnidirectional and multidimensional sound reproduction to produce an ...

    All materials used to create the Kayak are handcrafted to fine-art standards, including precision-machined aluminum housings available in 14 different finishes using a specially developed ceramic-coating process (special-order options cover any remaining spectrum). Finishes include both solid gloss and matte offerings as well as more complex, fine-art effects individually created for each speaker...Gizmag.com/ Read Full Review

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