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NACSound Omni


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  • Omni

    Omni, like Thor and Atun, is a ceramic bodied speaker which uses NAC Sound's omni-directional technology with twin speakers and a central hardwood reflector. Slightly slimmer than the Atun, Omni is perhaps the most elegant of the NAC Sound range.  With its reduced size and a 70W output, it has an excellent sound quality: lifelike, and clean at all frequencies. It is essentially a hi-fi system speaker (preferably with a sub-woofer),  and it is also suitable for home theatre, particularly if coupled with a model such as Zemi.  Omni is available with a stand as an optional extra.

    Not sure if NACSound is right for you? Wondering which model to get? Can't find the model / finish you are looking for?

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  • Item Value
    Design: E.Frolet - F. Pellisari
    Impedance: 8  0hm
    Power: 70 W r.m.s
    Efficiency: 86 dB
    Weight: 77.2 kg
    Height: 86 cm

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