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  • NACSound Zemi
  • NACSound Zemi
  • NACSound Zemi
  • NACSound Zemi

NACSound Zemi


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  • Zemi

    A sphere shaped ceramic with its own unique aesthetic, Zemi can be either suspended from the ceiling  or placed on any convenient surface in its own holder. Zemi uses NACSound's patented central ceramic reflex technology, based on a variable section pipe which passes through the sphere,  to create a high quality and natural sound with exceptional clarity of image. With an output of more than 70W  and an extension range at low frequencies of 40Hz, it is designed for all types  of music, and it offers a perfect load for any amplifier.

    Zemi fits well into any home, or it can be used in public spaces such as museums, restaurants or shops. It is also perfect for home theatre systems, particularly if coupled with a set of omni directional speakers. The new model Zemi MK represents a further evolution of the Zemi idea. With its larger 160mm drive unit and its own sub-woofer Woof, Zemi MK  is a more powerful model, offering  up to 150W output.

    Not sure if NACSound is right for you? Wondering which model to get? Can't find the model / finish you are looking for?

    The Surround Speakers Boutique is an authorised NACSound dealer with access to their entire product range. We work directly with NACSound to ensure you get the best system for you.
    Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Item Value
    Design: E.Frolet - F. Pellisari
    Impedance: 8  0hm
    Power: 70 W r.m.s
    Efficiency: 86 dB
    Weight: 3.2 kg
    Height: 26 cm
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