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Q Acoustics Q-BT3

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Product details

  • What makes the BT3 speakers so special?

    Hidden within the Q-BT3 speakers is a high quality, 2 x 50 Watts per channel amplifier, a Bluetooth V4.0 wireless receiver (with advanced ‘aptX’ capability for improved sound quality), and a low distortion Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC), accessed via an optical input.

    For movie lovers wishing to hear ultra-low frequency effects, there’s a separate subwoofer output to connect your subwoofer of choice. A second line level input allows you to connect a CD, DVD, Blu-ray player or any other ‘line level’ source.

    "A brilliant audio solution for nearly every requirement"

    What’s the best way to use my Q–BT3 speakers?

    The best way to experience the full capability of the new Q-BT3 is connect it to your television or set-top box and enjoy it as a high quality, wireless hi-fi mini system at the same time! To make life even easier, you can control the volume and switch between inputs on your Q-BT3 either with the small, elegant, infrared remote control included; or by the remote controls which come with many satellite and cable TV boxes, (including UK ‘Sky’ and ‘Virgin’ models).

    Where can I put my speakers?

    The Q Acoustic BT3 speakers can be placed almost anywhere. They can be wall mounted with an appropriate bracket or placed on a speaker stand, furniture or bookshelf. Therefore whether you want to experience the full force of the latest blockbuster movie or listen to your favourite music, one thing guaranteed is that the stylish Q-BT3 Bluetooth speaker system will enhance your enjoyment.

    Can I use my iPhone or other Smartphone to connect wirelessly to my Q-BT3 speakers?

    For ultimate flexibility and convenience, we’ve incorporated state of the art V4.0 Bluetooth technology (with aptX for near CD quality sound) into the Q-BT3, which allows you to listen to music from any Bluetooth enabled Smartphone, Tablet or laptop. Then simply enjoy your music with the freedom and convenience that only a wireless connection can bring. This innovative product can be enjoyed in many different ways, from many different devices.

    Never miss what is going on

    The amazing thing about these is that you will never miss an important phone call or message again. You can listen to your music, however when your phone or device goes off, it dims the sound and alerts you. Therefore you can always stay connected, whether it is a message from your friends or an important business phone call, you can be alerted.

    Less clutter, more sound

    The Q Media BT3 has been specially designed to dramatically improve the sound from your TV. Volume levels can also be controlled via the remotes from many satellite and cable TV boxes, (including 'Sky' and 'Virgin' models). Therefore you can experience movies, music and sport like never before without searching for that ‘other remote’. In addition the BT3 has a built- in amplifier, therefore there is no need for a separate amp. This all adds up to less clutter in your lounge.

    Can they be used with my laptop or computer?

    Quite simply, yes! The BT3s make for great desktop speakers. They are small enough so that they will not clutter up your desk, and will deliver a performance that will ‘wow’ you. The BT3s take your listening experience to the next level. No longer will you have to complain about the poor sound quality, whether you are Skyping a friend, downloading music or watching something online.

    Why should I use these speakers for my laptop or computer?

    The BT3s deliver a sound far beyond that you get out of your laptop or computer. With the built in amplifiers the BT3s work particularly well for musicians that enjoy recording their own music as it is like bringing the recording studio to your very own home. They are also great for gaming, helping you get more involved in the experience, almost like you’re actually in the game itself.


    • Real hi-fi speakers, which connect wirelessly
    • Genuine stereo sound from all your home entertainment media
    • Shelf, stand or table mount in portrait or landscape

    In the box

    • 1 x active (right) and 1 x passive (left) speaker
    • Remote control (battery included)
    • 2 metre 3.5mm jack lead
    • 2 metre RCA phono lead
    • 4 metre speaker cable
    • UK AC mains cable
    • EU AC mains cable
    • User manual
  • Technical Details
    Dimensions (mm): 148mm x 240mm x 226mm (each)
    Power output: 2 x 50W
    Bass unit: 100mm
    Treble unit: 25mm
    Connection options
    Bluetooth V4.0 including aptX
    Analogue 3.5 mm stereo jack socket
    Analogue RCA phono sockets
    Digital optical (Toslink)
    Subwoofer output (RCA)
    Speaker terminals

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