• Teenage Engineering OD-11
  • Teenage Engineering OD-11
  • Teenage Engineering OD-11
  • Teenage Engineering OD-11
  • Teenage Engineering OD-11
  • Teenage Engineering OD-11
  • Teenage Engineering OD-11

Teenage Engineering OD-11

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Product details

  • Made to play cloud music

    Built-in computer, 100 Watt amplifier and wireless stereo. All in one box

    Ortho EngineThe brain of the OD-11. The computer that takes care of everything from crossover filtering to wireless communication.

    Analog Class-D Amplifier 100 Watts, integrated

    Wireless Beamforming OD-11 uses the latest beamforming technology for maximum reach and robust communication.

    Flow optimized base reflex duct.

    OD-11 stands for Ortho Directional 1 + 1. In other words it's a 2-way ortho directional loudspeaker.

    All our digital devices to one sound output. Wonderfully wireless.

    Devices A device may act as a remote control, letting your OD-11 take care of the streaming from the cloud, or you may stream directly from your device to the OD-11. This makes the OD-11 a future proof system, ready for any music application, no matter if it's cloud based or running on your local hard drive.

    OD-11 Cloud Speaker Because the OD-11 has its own built-in computer it's more than just a wireless music system. It will continue to play music even if your other devices are turned off, and read twitter messages with it's built-in voice synthesizer.

    Orthoplay for iOS

    With its clean, simple and intelligent interface Orthoplay is the remote control app for your iPhone or iPad. It also helps you configure your cloud services and speaker groups, and will store everything you have played since the day you first turned on your OD-11.

    You may switch input source at any time. Choose Wifi, Optical In or 3.5mm Stereo In.

    The only thing you need to get your OD-11 up and running is to connect to your home Wifi.

    Select your prefered cloud music service and enter your username and password. Orthoplay will do the rest.

    Everything you have ever played since the day you first turned on your OD-11 will be stored in the speaker's history.

    1-Click music experience with Ortho remote

    Life should be simple

    That's why we created the Ortho remote. Turn the knob to adjust volume, turn it down to zero to pause. Click the knob to play the next song. It's as easy as that. And with every remote having a unique ID, each can store its own playlist.

  • Speaker Principle: Ortho Directional
    Flow optimized bass
    Reflex duct
    Frequency Range: 28 - 20.000Hz
    Volume: 10 Litres
    Weight: 7.5kg
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 262 x 272 x 262mm
    Materials: Medium density board
    Reinforced PA66
    Wire steel mesh
    Design Features: Single multi-configurable design for left/right or auto placement
    Left and right power cord canal
    Tweeter: High efficiency, ferrofluid cooled neodymium cone tweeter
    Woofer Long throw pulp cone woofer with magnetic short circuiting ring
    Amplifier: 100 Watt analog class-D
    Wireless: Beam forming WiFi technology
    Bluetooth 4 low energy
    Inputs 3.5mm Stereo In
    Optical In
    Interface: Plus/minus buttons
    Function button
    Left/auto/right selector switch
    Power Requirements: AC 110-240V 50-60Hz
    Universal power supply
    Included Items: Power cord, OD-11 booklet

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